Bomb news in Mediaset this Thursday. The leadership has removed Jorge Javier Vázquez’s program from the grid after the terrible audience data. The urgency of the decision has not allowed the Catalan presenter to even say goodbye from the set and he has done so from his social networks: “I came to the neighborhood willing to stay for a long time, but… the rents are through the roof! It couldn’t be.”

The one from Badalona begins the message with his usual irony to later surrender to the obvious superiority of the competition: “From here my most sincere congratulations to Pablo Motos, Carlos Sobera and Wyoming. Stars because they remain on the fringe thanks to what we all look for when starting a program: success.”

Jorge Javier concludes: “It’s time to pack our bags and, as Manuela Carmena told us yesterday, continue trusting in life. Always. Thank you and sorry for not knowing how to find the key to your complicity. That is the shame that remains for me.”

Mediaset has communicated the closure of Vázquez’s program through a brief note: “Telecinco cancels Chinese stories from today after not having obtained the expected results.” The decision was made this Thursday, although it was not scheduled to be broadcast tonight because the network had scheduled an Express edition of GH VIP. In fact, as has been known Informalia, From now on, Telecinco will bet on the summaries of the reality show for its access prime time.

Indeed, as the chain admits, Chinese stories It clicked from the day it was released, when it arrived at access prime time of Telecinco with a lukewarm 9.4%, about 10 points below The Anthill, whom he tried to defeat but who turned out to be absolutely unattainable. It received its first call to attention from Mediaset last week, when those responsible for the network decided to eliminate the Thursday delivery to advance the broadcast of GH VIP. This week the program tried to give a twist to its contents by focusing on the heart, but it has had no effect either. On Monday, with One Pantoja on set and a connection with Belen Esteban, it remained at 6.7%. And, as we explained, on Tuesday it collapsed to 5.8%, a catastrophic figure that signaled the exit door. On Wednesday, Jorge Javier received Manuela Carmenalast guest.