Jorge Javier advocates single thought and points out traitors: let’s lynch Alaska and Mario

There are no more terrible threats to freedom than single thought. Believing that democracy is an eternal good can be as naive as it is dangerous. Jorge Javier Vazquez He exercised this Wednesday from his platform of the magazine Lectures their right to write whatever they want, with the only limit that a columnist should have: the red lines that the law establishes and that, if necessary, judges must administer to do justice.

The presenter of Save me alluded to Jimenez Losantos, one of the best known radio operators, businessman, columnist and a consecrated communicator. We are not going to discover the very personal and controversial style of Federico, who does not count among his defects the one of leaving his audience indifferent. It is as unnecessary to describe his ways as it is evident the not infrequent forcefulness of his statements, the excesses in his epithets, his edges and his phobias, or his undisguised criticism of all the left and many of the right. He maintains an editorial line that may or may not like it and on occasions it has gone too far. Jorge Javier simplifies to Federico Jimenez Losantos and says that all he does is “spewing falsehoods and imputing false crimes”.

But Federico, who is already 71 years old, is educated, has quick reflexes, witty, sometimes funny, often witty and doesn’t mince words. Woe to him who has the misfortune to find himself on the target of a predator media like Losantos, whether he is an artist, celebrity, soccer player, model, King, president, minister, mayor, conservative or progressive. Let them tell Juan Carlos I, Pedro Sanchez, Rocio Monasterio, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, Borja Prado o Jorge Javier Vazquez. Of course, no one is obliged to listen to him. You can choose between tuning in to Teruel on EsRadio, choosing Ser, Cope, connecting with Onda Cero and a lot of other options. Or even turn off the radio. Because there is freedom.

The same happens with Jorge Xavier. Nobody forces us to see the presenter, theatrical producer, philologist, youtuber, writer and above all and above all maximum icon for years of the telebasura, that it is of all his works the one that has made him stand out the most, where he has proven to be the best and the one that has made him a millionaire. He finds it almost hilarious that a professional with the well-known track record of Jorge Javier Vázquez, who never seems to look in the mirror, say that Losantos exercises the art of discrepancy “through insult and humiliation.” And it is not that the Aragonese has been spared disqualifications when it seemed to him. But I can’t think of a format in which precisely insult and humiliation form a backbone of its essence in such an obvious way as the one presented javier javier for almost three decades and its derivatives. And that’s not counting the other five years she drove here is tomato. But Jorge Javier is free to be consistent. That’s how wonderful freedom is.

Let’s hope that Alaska and Mario, pointed out by Jorge Javier, are not lynched as a result of the presenter’s harangues

In his column in the pink weekly, the man from Badalona does not attack Losantos alone; he actually shoots Alaska and Mario. The sin of marriage is choosing to work with whomever you want or to pose with. help, For example. Exercise your freedom of expression javier javier to defend the unique thought. Now that is inconsistent, not the fact of being able to work in media with opposite editorial lines or get close to politicians located at different ends of the ideological arc. Jorge Javier is incapable of understanding that Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Like it or not, he is the person chosen by millions of people from Madrid who, automatically, are like Marios Vaquerizos, traitors, and must join the list of people who must go to hell.

Professor Jorge Javier takes out the chalk and paints on his blackboard the list of where you can work, which politicians you can sympathize with or what you can think to be good or bad. It is the single thought. Losantos, That is also true, he gives JorgeJa one day and another, even in the jaw from his microphones. Because Federico is free to do so, and if he crosses the border, Jorge Javier or his bosses from La Fábrica de la tele have the courts to demand justice. But, as we said, the Catalan shoots Alaska because he intervenes in one of the gatherings in Losantos. That is, where he wants. And that for Jorge is reason enough to give birth to the artist he loved, the one he had stuck to his folder as a teenager, a great singer with decades of career and successes, on a par with the greatest.

Jorge Javier is not known for being the most peaceful and conciliatory of communicators. It is impossible to gloss the times that Jorge Javier has exercised unusual rhetorical violence on the screen to the point of making television history and often what he shows is that he can’t stand discrepancy. to the journalist Antonio Montero destroyed him for disagreeing. to her friend bethlehem esteban has made her cry. To the former socialist councilor of Los Yébenes, I forget ants, victim of a sex tape distributed without her consent, he even grabbed her arm while yelling: “Fuck you! Scoundrel. Dirty, disgusting!” TO Aida Nizar he called her “son of a bitch!” and “bad person” and added that she “disgusted” him. It is impossible to enumerate Jorge Javier’s constant outbursts. But above all it is unnecessary because he has done it in front of all of Spain. His clashes with Ana Rosa Quintana, Paz Padilla, Isabel Gemio or Carles Francino, etc., and almost any politician who does not seem progressive to you. Losantos includes in its gatherings journalists who share a channel with Jorge Javier, such as Paloma Barrientos or Beatriz Cortázar. Presumably he will despise his two companions as it happens with Olvido Gara.

On the opposite side of single thought and polarization or tension is respect for ideas other than one’s, for freedom. You can admire the virtues of people from the left and right, fellow members of Angels Barcelo the one of Carlos Herrera, to ministers of Aznar, Felipe González or Pedro Sánchez. You can be a Republican and think that Philip of Bourbon he is a great king. Jorge Javier is not painting the two Spains, it is that he draws a model of unique thought.

He implies that he would prefer to eliminate plurality, ban radio stations and newspapers that do not agree with his ideology, found the Granma Spanish, the only newspaper, the only radio, the only television, or better, that at the time of reporting all the media connect with the organ of the central committee of the party from jorgejavieri. Maybe it’s not that red.