The Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) and the strategic cultural sponsorship consultancy ymás have presented this Friday at the Teatro Lara the collaboration agreement between both entities, with the aim of coordinating and promoting cultural projects that are linked to the federation, according to a release.

The presidents of both entities, Jorge Garbajosa and the actor Antonio Resines, respectively, formalized the agreement, whose main purposes are to mutually expand their audiences, reach new audiences and generate a greater impact on society, combining the benefits of sport and culture.

Garbajosa affirmed that “sports and culture always go hand in hand”. We also have in our roots, as an essential part, the education of the little ones. From basketball we can offer fans of culture what our sport brings. I think it can be a satisfying experience, especially now that the kids have a lot of leisure options,” he assessed the agreement.

For his part, Resines pointed out that, although they are two worlds that have “a lot to do with each other”, there have never been “many agreements”. “It is interesting that we join forces because I believe that sport and culture should always have gone together. We will bring out cultural products and the FEB sports products and we are going to unite them, which will be very satisfactory for the fans,” he concluded.