MADRID, Jan. 11 (SportsFinding) –

The Spanish handball coach, Jordi Ribera, acknowledged that the match against Germany on Saturday was marked on the calendar of the first phase of the European 2020, so he celebrated the victory (33-26) on the second day of Group C in one of those “meetings that can determine the future”.

“The two teams knew what we were playing, the competition is very long and there are meetings that can determine the future, today it was a game of those. Removing that eight-minute gap in the first part with that double exclusion, that Germany is has approached, the rest of the game, especially the second part, we have been very solid both in defense and attack, “he said after the meeting in statements provided by the Federation.

“We have known how to solve the different proposals that Germany has put forward and we have alternated in defense. We have been effective, we stole balls. Everyone knew that today was an important game. I am happy for the strength and conviction of the whole world.” he added.

The current champion gave the first blow on the table at the Trondheim Spektrum, to “think about Holland and look to the future.” “If we pass Germany and we pass with two points, it is still very long, it is a step forward, we must continue with the same humility but also with the strength in each game, with its different readings, looking for solutions as before Latvia,” he said .

“Spain has always proved competitive, also in the World Cup despite the result, and that denotes the strength of a group that mixes youth and experience. Everyone contributes. We are at the beginning of the competition and we have a lot left,” he added.

The coach of the 'Hispanics' recognized the wide and diverse wardrobe that he has among his summoned. “We have the great luck that only with the change of players changes the way of playing, players of different characteristics that change the style of play,” he concluded.