Real Valladolid once again conceded a goal against Valencia after two games leaving a clean sheet, Cádiz and Getafe. Jordi Masip had conceded the last goal on December 22 against Barcelona. It was his friend Messi who was the last to score a goal in the 65th minute and since then the Pucelano team, with the Catalan in goal, managed to leave a clean sheet in Cádiz (0-0) and in Getafe (0-1), even for 76 minutes against Valencia, before the Soler's goal. In total, the Blanquivioletas added 281 minutes without conceding. To assess this data, one must also understand that the team received one goal, at least, in the first 16 days.

Shield / Real Valladolid Flag

Masip's obvious error against the Ché made the Blanquivioletas lose the opportunity to add another point, ending the streak without conceding a goal. The goalkeeper of the Barça quarry has played 12 games and has conceded 15 goals, with an average of 1.25 goals per game. Curiously, the four victories of the pucelanos have occurred with him in the pucelana goal (16 points out of 36 disputed).

The others 10 points received by Real Valladolid were received by Robert in six games, with an average of 1.66 goals per game played. In fact, between matchdays 2 and 7 that the Madrid goalkeeper put on the starting gloves, due to Masip's Covid-19, the pucelanos added two points of 18.


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