Possibly one of the best news you have ever read. Ana Rosa Quintana This complicated week that ends is the discreet audience data of Jordi Gonzalez in the afternoons at 1. Squareproduced by TVE José Pablo López Sánchez, is an indisputable failure and has only been broadcast three times. The general director of content of the Corporation can point out several successes that have placed La 1 in second position behind the solid Antena 3 but already habitually surpassing Telecinco, whose disastrous start to the season has already taken ahead of Chinese Stories of Jorge Javier Vazquez and one of the worst prime time editions Big Brother of the glorious history of realitysurpassed on Thursdays by another format of Banijay. Because the giant piloted in Spain by Pilar Blasco faces its Masterchef Celebrity (Shine) against the program he presents Martha Flich (Zeppelin).

But he can not Jose Pablo add to his triumphs the premiere of the evening magazine show Jordi Gonzalez; And we don’t say it because of the 6% audience, a disaster to carry the effective (and very expensive) soap operas of La 1, lasting just one hour and not carrying advertising.

The failure of the space that has had the brave audacity to wage war on Ana Rosa Quintana and Sonsoles Onega It is one of those dishes that are impossible to eat or even imagine. Mix to Terelu Campos con Marta Robles It’s like chewing pickled sardines dipped in Nocilla. You can even try the invention as part of a challenge but you are unlikely to repeat it.

Maybe hiring Terelu on TVE is a good idea to gain an audience, but we will have to get it right. The supposedly good-natured tone of Square is given by that of the presenter, a professional whose versatility makes him equally capable of whispering in the afternoon of La 1 or military in the radical posture as of interviewing El Cuco’s mother in the midst of shouting like those of The Ferris Wheelthe program that paid ten thousand euros to the lady who brought the alleged murderer of Marta del Castillo.

We do not believe that Jordi will interview mothers or fathers of murderers in this adventure. Sonsoles Ónega failed to put his hand on his father’s back. Pear Rose but it has not emerged that the murderer’s father received payment, it was surely free.

At 30 euros of public money per minute

Jordi will not fall into temptation but the Barcelona native, who turned 62 the day before the premiere, is already a veteran, does not cause problems and does what he is told if he is paid well. And specifically from TVE he has made fortunes, like when he spent a long time collecting money from the public treasury after leaving The palm. On this occasion, he earns close to 40,000 euros per month for this daily pain whose greatest virtue is that it lasts only 55 minutes (at 30 euros per minute). The idea of ​​being a pain can be argued in many ways but the best thing is to see how bored Jordi himself is, who is already counting the days to take the 113,000 euros agreed upon until the end of the year and go home for Christmas with our money in his pocket, a good gift from Three Kings.

The start of Wednesday, with an interview with the orphaned Terelu, who had the generosity of not charging us for the fee (they already prorate her exclusive as a collaborator) marked the maximum due to the morbidity of seeing once again the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos, and with that and the novelty effect they scored 7.8%. In two days they have fallen to 6.1 but we get the feeling that the presenter of Abierto al dusk or Moros y Cristianos is making fun of it, as long as he receives what was agreed upon.

The women who make up the cast of Square They would not be badly chosen, one by one, starting with Terelu, but the mix is ​​strange and above all the lack of courage to get on the current bandwagon is unworthy.

And Jordi and his friends came with free advertising. If Terelu premiered almost in mourning and arrived on the set straight from burying her mother and visiting the acting President of the Government at the Moncloa palace, Marilo Montero She appeared after campaigning with her newly released vagina. But Juncal Rivero did not want to talk about Jose Luis Moreno, which was just in the headlines, and the Miss could have entertained us by telling us about her experiences with Rockefeller’s ventriloquist or explaining to us what her 90s Party Nights with the bird were like, on the same network to which she has now returned , which gave them the opportunity to recover images of the actress from Valladolid when her boss was Macario’s father, arrested two years ago accused of leading (allegedly) a criminal organization related to drug trafficking. But we weren’t that lucky. We are left without knowing what the one who was the most beautiful woman in Spain 39 years ago thinks of such a unique character.

Instead, they showed us a video of eighties comedians doing (on TVE) humor that today is very politically incorrect, like Millan Salcedo of Tuesday and Thirteen with a black eye mocking a woman who complains that her husband beats her, Arevalo making ladybug jokes, Cruz and Raya acting as racists and making fun of gypsies or himself Gila breaking the box bloody after murdering his wife. The video served to start an original debate: the limits of humor. Then I fell asleep.