Jordi González attacks Alejandra Rubio after signing Terelu at Mediaset: “You’re going to regret it”

Two days after the signing of Terelu Campos in Mediaset to be a collaborator in!Friday!, Jordi Gonzalez (the driver of D Heart where María Teresa Campos’s eldest daughter worked until a few days ago) has changed its tone this Saturday when talking about the Campos clan. After the statements of Alejandra Rubio in Pilar Vidal’s podcast, where the young woman assured that we live in a “rotten society“, Jordi has described as”unfair“the words of Carlo Costanzia’s girlfriend.

There are two words you are going to regret: ‘Rotten society’“,” the TVE presenter said when commenting on the interview with Carmen Borrego’s niece.

Likewise, Jordi González has assured that Alejandra is going to regret her statements, since, according to the presenter, it is not fair for her to talk about a “rotten society” from her position.

It is not fair that you, from your position, talk about a rotten society because society does not treat you so badly. Do not talk like that about everything that surrounds you, which is not only the people who ask you for photos. You are also surrounded by the public, the people who get up at five in the morning, etc.“said the journalist.

Terelu Campos’ daughter sat down a few days ago with Pilar Vidal to record the latest installment of Drama Queen. Both boast of getting along very well, which helped Mar Flores’ ‘daughter-in-law’ to speak freely about her private life. In addition to confessing that we live in a “rotten society,” Terelu’s daughter also talked about her studies and opened up about how she faces being a young mother.