Jordi Alba spoke at the end of the match in Movistar Champions League at the end of the match. In his words, he left some doubt about his physical condition and already thought about the Classic.

Did you expect to suffer so much?

In the first half we were able to score more than one goal, but we still had to specify. But in the second half we weren’t good under pressure and we suffered. They have not created opportunities for us but the feeling was not good. In the first part I think we have been very good. But we have to improve on the second part.

What was missing in the second part?

Continue with the same intensity, but that is achieved with work

The goal had to be made by a defender.

Well yes, for a defender, Gerard scores a lot of goals. The truth is that today I have put a caramelito. I had to tell him to thank me (laughs).

How are you? He has been seen with problems in his right ankle.

I left my foot dead, it hit me on the toe and see what I have. I have something because I have hurt.

And now, the Classic.

This week was important and we have won both games. Losing today left us out. The fans have responded well, they are helping to grow, and we are expecting a difficult match. It doesn’t matter how you get to a Classic, but we hope to bring joy to the fans and win.