How do they leave Mendizorroza?

“With good feelings. We have to generate more chances, have more patience, move the ball from one side to the other… We are quality players and we can do much more, but the attitude has been magnificent after a lousy defeat in Bilbao. You have to sentence the games before, but winning tastes good. You have to face February with enthusiasm, because it’s difficult”.

Has the team gone backwards?

“On Athletic’s day we weren’t good, we have to admit it. Madrid’s day was lost. The feeling was good but losing a Clásico is never easy. When you don’t win it’s fucked up, but this victory will give us confidence and bring us closer to the objectives”.

Did you feel singled out?

“I feel singled out for many years, but I accept all the criticism. It’s part of this circus and I knew that, when there is a bad game, those who should be singled out are always singled out. I had a hard time getting eliminated. The criticism is there and I’ve always assumed it. If I play well they don’t talk about me, if I give two assists they won’t talk about me and if I don’t play well they’re going to kill me. I accept it and I accept it”.

And the criticism is unfair?

“It doesn’t even worry me because I have the respect of my teammates, of my coaching staff. Nobody has given me ten years of playing at Barça. It has always been like that, and now more. Veterans are always pointed out when they lose, but there are veterans everywhere. It seems that there are only veterans at Barça. Veterans have been talked about for four or five years, and I was 28 or 29 years old. I’m 32 years old and I feel strong. The other day I wasn’t well, I admit it , but I take the criticism and I know it will be harsh.”