Joan Jordan was interviewed at Sevilla official television and expressed how he is living the hours before the cupbearer derby against Betis: “Upon arrival at the parking lot of the supermarket you already connect with the derby, the way people experience it is special. In the previous derby I said that the fans have to be calm, I think the team is ready. We have casualties, but we are mentally prepared to play a great game, we are going to be recognizable and we will go for the victory, then in the world of football anything can happen, but you have to enjoy the derby. I am passionate, I do not usually get nervous, you get the tingling and you mentalize hours before and a derby itself, before the match you live in an incredible way and spectacular.”

Photo by Joan Jordan

“Whenever I have family here I tell them to come to the hotel, because you always live in a special way and more so on special days. last game i was sunor, I was close to Oliver and Marko, We hit the bus and the feeling is very nice. Are Unique moments that should never be missed… at kick-off, I feel like the field is silent, especially when I was younger. If that has to influence me, let it be to add, that’s why when Our hobby takes us on the fly, it’s beastly, they give us a very good energy”, added the Catalan midfielder regarding his experiences in the most rivalry duels.

Shield/Flag Seville

By last, jordan analyzed what it has meant to him being coached by Lopetegui: “With Julen I have improved in many things a defensive and offensive level. Julen makes me be a most complete player and I don’t like to lose in any task. He lives football in an incredible way, he enjoys his passion very much and living it like this makes the information reach everyone”.