Jordán: “I still feel the energy of having won the Europa League”

You were the seventh Sevilla player who played the most minutes all season. Did you expect it?

It would have been hard for me to believe, I think I played about 45 games, many of them at the beginning. I went from less to more during the campaign, I finished at a very good level. My goal is to give more: I already said that this would be my year.

The first official match is the possibility of winning the Super Cup.

We arrive in optimal conditions, from there it is a recognizable Seville and it competes. The objective is the title.

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* Data updated as of September 22, 2020

United, Inter Milan … They did not start as favorites in those appointments either and the result is there. Can you be a good example for Budapest?

Many favored those teams, but for me they weren't. They count the eleven that go out to the field and everything is equalized, history does not make you win anything. Bayern have the role of favorites, but I still feel that energy from when we won the Europa League, I think the team is ready and there will be options.

Banega is gone. How does it influence the game of Sevilla?

A fantastic player has left us, one of the best media that has passed through Sevilla. He gave us a lot, the final stage played at a very, very high level. We really enjoyed him, he went through the big door, but that is over. I think the team is ready to continue with the dynamic it had. A club like Sevilla cannot depend on one player or two.

And Rakitic arrived.

It seems that he has never left because he feels the club like few others. We knew that the fans were excited about Rakitic, I believe that the human group on a daily basis is unique. He is a leader and comes to add.

How do you foresee the fight for the set piece with Óscar Rodríguez?

I trust a lot in my hitting, Óscar has it too. Whoever is best in each situation will be the one who tries to find the best efficiency.

Last year there were offers that almost left you without coming to Sevilla. Have there been any this summer?

In the Premier they gave me more money, but I believed that Sevilla was going to make me grow as a player. I am very demanding with myself, the club is and it is what has led him to where he is. Not coming here would have been the wrong decision.

Fans will go to Budapest. How does that feel from the locker room?

We have a tremendous desire that we can fill the Pizjuán, it would be a tremendous pride. It is good news that there are people in the stands in Budapest, hopefully it will return to normal little by little.

You have always shown admiration for Jesús Navas. What does it bring you as a captain and as a person?

Jesus is an icon for the fans, for the club and for us. It is necessary for everyone, spiritually and physically.

Do you think about the Eurocup?

I want to continue growing and Sevilla makes me play games that I had never played before. This may bring me closer to being international one day.