Mario García and Álvaro de Arriba won the 800 and 1,500


The athlete Jordan Díaz beat the triple jump Spanish record for the fourth time in recent months to win gold in the absolute Spanish Outdoor Championship that ended this Sunday in Nerja seeing him touch 18 meters, a golden brooch to an afternoon with victories for Mario García and Álvaro de Arriba in 800 and 1,500.

Since he was nationalized in February, the 21-year-old Cuban-born athlete has made a progression that makes him the best triple jumper of 2022, and a Spanish record holder with, now, 17.87. Under the orders of Iván Pedroso, Jordan has improved his race and in Nerja he began his contest beating the national record that he brought from the Joma League final two weeks ago.

The second attempt was a 17.93 that was not valid due to a wind of +2.5, but from then to the end, the new sensation of Spanish athletics forced to have at least one eye on his performance. The world leader of the year hung the gold without discussion, against Pablo Torrijos (16.72), and although he did not improve his mark, he made it clear that he has big words on his legs (world record, Olympic gold… ).

With the last jump of a Jordan that cannot yet compete with the national team and represent Spain this summer in the World Cup or the European Championship, the 102nd Spanish Championship ended. The afternoon session brought the expected men’s duels of 800 and 1,500, in addition to the relays and a final of 200 in which Bruno Hortelano did not compete and where Pol Retamal prevailed. The female went to Paula Sevilla.

“A lot of anger and frustration not being able to compete in the 200m final, the lumbars have endured two races but the pain was already unbearable. An MRI this week will confirm what type of injury it is. Thank you for your support, and congratulations to all three medalists with those three brutal frames,” Hortelano wrote on his Twitter account.

In the 800, the places for the appointments in Oregon and Munich are hot, and Álvaro de Arriba took the gold ahead of Adrián Ben and a world indoor champion Mariano García who managed to carburize ‘the bike’ outdoors with his best brand of the season. In the ‘milqui’, another duel between Mohamed Katir and Adel Mechaal was expected, but the 5,000 effort took its toll.

Katir, who won on Saturday lamenting the five years that his nationalization took, launched the determined attack midway through the race, but Ignacio Fontes, Mechaal and a surprising Mario García joined the fight. Mechaal, who lost heads-up with the man from Murcia the day before, lost his strength, and the man from Salamanca passed Katir in the final stretch with a European minimum (3:35.52).

Meanwhile, Marta Pérez won another ‘milqui’ disputed until the finish line and Marta García took the 5,000. For his part, Carlos Tobalina authoritatively won his fifth straight heavyweight title, but complained bitterly about the state of the pitching circle. In addition, the relays were for FC Barcelona in the men’s and women’s 4×400, and for Playas de Castellon, the women’s 4×100; and the Trops-Cueva de Nerja, the men’s 4×100.