Morcillo It could be him Manu Chao of Athletic. I say this for the singer, who, by the way, his mistress was born in Bilbao, and his song that gives title to this opinion space: ‘They call me the disappeared one’. This is the case of Morcillo. In thirty games he participated last season, in this one he has acted in five, and in none as a starter. And what do you want me to say, you are not expected. Not because of him, but because of the scant confidence that Marcelino, to this day, it seems to have in that of Zornotza. Muniain, and above all, Nico Williams and Nico Serrano They have overtaken him on the right. Is a reality. It is not even the first option for the first change on the left wing.

The most striking of Morcillo this season it was a yellow card that he saw in the match against Cádiz. And that was not yet in the field. The bizkaino midfielder was warming up, Ledesma, the goalkeeper of the Cadiz team wanted to throw the ball out, Morcillo went ahead, jumped onto the field, touched the ball and won a yellow card. As a juvenile. That just might the desire to help his team, which is still an anecdote, but what he remembers most about Morcillo this season is that, it is very significant, really.

He is one of the youth players with the most progress. At least that is what the Bilbao club defends on its website. He scored ten goals in 29 games under the command of Joseba Etxeberria in the subsidiary in the 2019-20 season, which helped him to sign a contract with the first team. I think that nobody or almost nobody doubted this decision. No one even disputed his tenure at the start of his first season as a lion under the command of Gaizka Garitano. I say this in the week that the ownership of young players is being demanded the most. MorcilloIn his first season as a lion, he played 36 games in LaLiga, Copa and Super Cup, which is already part of his record.

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Should I seek an assignment Morcillo in the winter market? Football logic says yes, his intention does not seem to be that, surely a Marcelino he is not bothered by their presence. The truth is that, for a player of his age, having minutes, either in First or Second, would be the most interesting for his career. The extreme, like this, knows that Marcelino has not opened the doors as it did, for example, in the cases of Unai lopez, Iñigo Vicente O Iñigo Cordoba, encouragement that serves, perhaps, to maintain patience.

The technician, even, would have assured him that he will have minutes, aware, of course, of what is the present role of Morcillo, who does not want to stagnate once the dream of playing for Athletic is achieved and having a certain background in the elite, a reality that has generated top-category clubs and others from abroad waiting for what resolutions could be taken in the short term around the zornotzarra, oblivious to these movements and eager to be important again in the green, where he wants to recover the sensations of the previous season and take out his virtues. It will not be the next Thursday.

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