Joking with Cristina Pedroche for recommending the ‘hypnopartum’: “I will not have contractions, but uterine waves”

Social networks are the one who jumps with Cristina Pedroche, who adore her until she drops some witticism and users become relentless with her. This has happened again when, with little more than a month to give birth, the woman of Dabiz Muñozhas recommended in zapping the technique to have a “positive birth” called “hypnobirthing” and wanted to explain what it feels like and what it consists of: “I will not have contractions, but uterine waves.”

In front of his tablemates and the entire audience, Pedroche has developed what this mental preparation to have this type of childbirth consists of, as they have explained to him in the classes he attends, prior to childbirth: “I recommend hypnobirthing , I’m at ‘top’ and I get goosebumps”, he said.

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Cristina has continued with the explanation of the technique: “Nobody hypnotizes you, it is to control your breathing and do a lot of meditation. The first thing you have to do is tell yourself affirmations. You cannot speak negatively, but positive all the time”, has defined .

With the technique almost mastered, the presenter has dropped that she does not rule out doing without the epidural when giving birth: “A wave comes, I take it and surf it, and nature leaves me a moment to rest. Then another wave comes,” recounted convinced

Just like it became Trending Topic The recent occurrence of her husband, after discovering Shirako, a dish based on puffer fish semen, the networks have elevated Pedroche’s hypnobirthing and “uterine waves” to the category of joke of the year. However, there have also been many women who have defended her freedom to experience her birth as she wants and, again, support him for her courage in making risky decisions and going public.