Joaquin Sanchez was interviewed by The spar of the SER string and the Betis star never goes unnoticed. The veteran Betis footballer left several very interesting headlines but mainly recalled, perhaps, his worst stage in a team and with a coach. “With Koeman at Valencia? It was not the most beautiful experience of my sports career, it was not really pleasant. I'm not going to greet him and he is going to greet me, “said Joaquín.

Shield / Flag Betis

Renewal with Betis: “Right now I see myself playing one more year. As long as I'm fine, age is not a problem. Maybe in the second round I don't think the same, but right now it would make me sad to retire.”

Setién: “My experience with Setién was wonderful. He is a worthy guy. At the time, yes, I would have liked Setién to continue at Betis.”

VAR: “I stay with football from before, before VAR. It is impossible to play football like this! For me this is not football. We are losing the essence of football. Many things are being lost in football. For example with the subject of the VAR. The footballer is conditioned at all times. I am more aware of what may happen about football. “

Showdown against Barça: “If there is a good moment to face Barça, this is it. They are a good team and they can beat you anyway, but if we are capable of doing the football that we have been doing, we can have our options.”

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Joaquin and Koeman.

Koeman and Valencia: “It was not the most beautiful experience of my sports career, it was not really pleasant. I don't want to talk because what happened there hurts, I had a bad time.

If you were president, would you put Koeman ?: “I wouldn't even take Koeman as a utility worker. Fortunately, it didn't last long and we knew how to save the year. I'm not going to say hello and he isn't going to say hello to me either. It was bad what happened there.”


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