The Atlético squad has not come out well of the new calibration on the market value that has carried out Transfermarkt. A common practice every few months of the website specialized in establishing the right price of the players and that has reduced the price of 12 of the members of the rojiblanca workforce, increased that of three and maintained that of the other eight.

João Félix is ​​one of those cases which has lost value since the last estimate, dating from the month of December. After signing for Atlético from Benfica for the amount of its clause (127.2 million), its market value reached 100 million, taking into account its age, the price of the transfer and its potential. However, the injuries, the little offensive production and the little participation he has had in recent months has led him to lower his value to 90 million, the second most expensive of the workforce tied with Saul and behind Oblak (100) two of the players who keep their baggage.

The Portuguese at 20 years still has a lot of room to recover that lost value. More complicated it has Lemar to return to its highest peak, the 70 million he reached in his signing for Atlético. In December 2018, five months after the transfer, the Frenchman dropped from 70 to 60 million. I would descend to 50 in February 2019, 40 in June and 30 today. A loss of 10 million in each recalibration that has meant that at present its value is less than half that less than two years ago in its signing.

The rest of the players who lower their price are Koke (from 70 to 60), Morata (from 50 to 45), Savic (from 35 to 32), Blacksmith (from 22 to 20), Llorente (from 30 to 20), Diego Coast (from 25 to 18), Vrsaljko (from 20 to 15), Arias (from 18 to 15), Saponjic (from 3 to 1.5) and Adam (from 1.5 to 1). On the opposite side of the scale are Renan Lodi, Felipe and Ángel Correa, three of the great protagonists of the rojiblanca season. The Brazilian side adds to his potential (he is 21 years old) the amount of minutes he is having on his arrival at the club (he is the sixth player in the squad with more 2,380 minutes), increasing its value from 25 million to 35.

Felipe for his part began as a secondary actor, but is currently one of the best players in Atlético this season. Despite his seniority (30 years) the great performance of the Brazilian has made him one of the great centers of Europe and has grown from 25 million to 32 (He had already risen five in December compared to his signing). Finally Ángel Correa, who had one foot outside the club in the summer, is currently the most fit player in the mattress attack. His 7 goals and 8 assists have led him to increase from 35 million to 40. In addition to Oblak and Saúl, Giménez (70), Thomas (50), Trippier (35), Carrasco (28), Beautiful (25) and Vitolo (18) They maintain their market value.


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