Joana Sanz’s full statement to leave social networks: “I hope all this stops”

On the morning of this Palm Sunday, Joana Sanz He has shared a forceful statement on his Instagram profile in which he announces his departure from social networks to try to get away from the media spotlight. After her husband, Dani Alvesentered jail on January 20 for alleged rape, the movements and statements of the model have generated great interest.

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The Canary Islander, who has already confirmed her separation from the former Barça footballer, is overwhelmed by media pressure. He has assured that it is taking its toll on him in his personal life and that he wants to continue with all his projects in the background.

“Given the media harassment to which I am subjected, I have decided to stop using my social networks. I do not know if this is enough for the media to stop waiting for me at airports, outside my house or hotels, at the exit of restaurants , in the middle of my work or addressing my loved ones”, he wrote at the beginning of his post.

The 29-year-old model added: “I hope all this stops because it is affecting my mental health and my social life. I am not a person who lives by exposing myself publicly because it causes me anxiety and it is not for me. Thank God my I can do my job away from the media spotlight”.

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Lastly, she has sent a message of thanks to the anonymous people who have turned to her after her husband’s controversy: “I thank all the people who have supported me with precious messages of encouragement and who have even hugged me for the street without knowing me. I don’t know if I’ll come back here, it’s time to disconnect”.

However, the decision to leave social networks is somewhat surprising since hours before he appeared with complete normality publishing and promoting a hotel from bed. This Saturday he also showed his weekend plans in detail. Alves, under provisional detention without bail, entered the Brians 1 prison on January 20 and was later transferred to Brians 2. The alleged rape under investigation occurred in a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30-31.