one more sunday Joana Sanz She has gone to the Brians II prison where her still husband remains imprisoned, Dani Alves. After having publicly communicated that she has decided to put an end to her marriage, the model has been especially calm during this visit, which may have been momentous for the future of her marriage.

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It is logical to assume that the meeting in prison will have taken place in order to settle everything related to their separation. With a very serious face and without saying a word to the press, Joana walked steadily from the prison to her car, which was waiting for her a few meters from the door.

The model turns a deaf ear to everything that is being said about their separation and especially to the comments that her in-laws are pouring against her from Brazil.

Since the footballer was jailed on charges of rape, Joana has preferred to use her social networks to convey in first person how she is going through this complicated separation process. “Since I was little I write my feelings to express myself, I suppose because I am an only child. Whatever it is, it does me good,” Sanz wrote in the first lines of the letter that she shared on Instagram and for which she received all the support of her followers.

“They have been horrible months, not the hardest of my life, because I have faced many storms, but very dark and painful ones,” he continued. “I chose as a life partner a person who, in my eyes, was perfect. He was always there when I needed him the most, he always supported me in everything, he always encouraged me to grow, always affectionate, attentive… It is so hard for me to accept that this person could break me into a thousand pieces”, explained the model in a letter written in her own handwriting.

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“I love him and I will always love him, whoever says that love is forgotten is deceiving himself or did not really love. But I love myself, I respect myself and I value myself very much,” Joana then declared, making it clear which path she followed. I was going to follow what happened.

Joana made the decision to separate from the former Barça player, after going to see him on several occasions in prison, where he has been in provisional detention without bail since January 20, after being accused of allegedly raping a young woman. in a discotheque in Barcelona during the early morning of December 30 to 31.