Joana Sanz explains why she won’t divorce Dani Alves: “It’s not that easy”

Neither on the cover of a magazine nor sitting on a television set, Joana Sanz has clarified why she has not divorced Dani Alves through her social networks. Likewise, in a round of questions with her followers, the model revealed her opinion about her love and what her marriage means to her.

I do not believe in marriage. I invite you all to get married, celebrate the party, because it is a wonderful memory to have, very fun and even more so if you share it with your loved ones.but the rest is nothing more than a signed piece of paper,” said the Tenerife native.

In full confession with her followers, Joana has clarified why she has not taken the step of divorcing Dani Alves. “It is not so easy, when that marriage is no longer going anywhere, to get divorced. I thought it was more of the same, a signed piece of paper and that’s it. But no my loves, it’s super fucked up to get divorced, so don’t get married, why?“, he declared.

Likewise, the ex-footballer’s wife has revealed how she feels in love: “I live in love. Always a heart in love, whether it is with a partner, with friends…, no matter how much pain it has, it is always in love. Without love, what is life? It is nice to have love inside, that feeling“.

Although Joana Sanz announced their separation in March of last year, her visits to Brians 2 while the Brazilian full-back remained provisionally imprisoned did not stop occurring. Finally, the two reconciled and Joana did not care that her husband, whom she married in 2017 in Formentera, was convicted of raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. At the end of March, after the trial for which he was sentenced to four and a half years in prison, the player left prison after paying a million euro bail.