The Canarian model has impacted all her followers this Friday with a video in which she is completely destroyed. And it is that after weeks maintaining his composure in front of the public, smiling, dancing and even doing combs, he has collapsed: “The feeling that you are drowning, that it hurts so much that you do not want that internal pain anymore, that you need to externalize it as a wound to be able to heal it… But you can’t”, he wrote Joana Sanz.

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the ex of Dani Alves appears crying in bed in a heartbreaking image: “The only thing you can do is mourn it, accept it and get over it. Do for yourself, what makes you feel good, what makes you get out of the loop of sadness.”

Joana also shows various ‘frames’ in which she appears in the gym, shooting or with friends, and ends by sending a message of strength and courage: “Strengthen your body and mind, even if you don’t feel like anything, you can. You have There’s a lot to do in this life, don’t let yourself die, don’t let yourself be overcome by adversity. Cry, get angry, dance, laugh… Do what you feel at the moment. They will talk about what you did well or badly, that you didn’t It doesn’t matter, don’t be affected by the opinion of what is alien to those who have lived every moment with you. Love yourself, because you are the only person you will be with for the rest of your life”.