Joan Laporta, a pre-candidate for the Barcelona presidential elections, has given an interview to in which he talks about his plans if he is elected, with Messi as the epicenter.

Messi, in the new stadium: “I would like that we could celebrate the 125th anniversary at the new Camp Nou and with Leo with us. The issue of the stadium is not easy because it takes two years to build it. The issue of Leo is easier than the field. It would be very nice to get to this anniversary with Messi would be a good final fireworks. “

Objective: to convince you: “It fills me with pride that he tells me that everything I told him was fulfilled. This gives me a position and, if I am president of Barcelona, ​​and that is one of the reasons, I will see what I can offer him within the possibilities of the club in economically and in what interests Leo, sports. He wants to win the Champions League again with Barça and you have to make him see that this will be possible. “

It is essential that you follow: “It is very important, on a priority level. Great players passed through Barcelona, ​​the best in their moments, but Leo is special. He left this house, he is the best in the world and surely in history, which is why he is so sensitive The issue is so good for Barça that we have to do whatever it takes to maintain the idyll. If it doesn't happen, we will have to move on and sooner or later we will have to accept it. It still has a long journey in elite football but everyone Their sporting career is ending but Barça continues. We are already signing up with new players who are asking for passage, we must give confidence to the technical secretariat and the coach so that they can count on those from home.

Stars: “I think about the players we have, about motivating them. At Barça there are no transitional seasons. We left the club at a very high level and seeing Leo in San Mamés enjoying Pedri, seeing him smile is great. Seeing the tunnel light To so much mismanagement it is interesting, how the sports project matures, how Leo leads, Dembélé helps, De Jong is consolidating, Pedri combines well with him, the other day it was Ilaix Moriba with the first team, Araújo and Mingueza go up, Riqui is there. .. and see if Piqué, Roberto and Ansu come back soon. I think we can aspire to everything “.

Your coach and sports director: “I am prepared in the event that changes have to be made in the sports structure. The professionals know that in the past I stopped working and gave confidence to their abilities, now I see that there is a lot of interest in coming to work at Barça and helping to build another glorious stage. The first thing, however, is to see what we have and in case it is necessary to make adjustments, I will be prepared. It is a mid-season election and from the outside we cannot, and this is my position, to be giving names . I do not think it is good because I know what can destabilize any comment can destabilize in the middle of the competition. If I say players I will raise the price and devalue ours and if I speak of coaches I will demotivate the coaching staff. “

First decision as president: “Greet the club's employees, the works council and all the people who are doing an extraordinary job in a moment of absolute mismanagement to motivate them. That includes a salutation to our coaching staff and players to tell them that there is a new president and that comes to help them believe in themselves “

Dream transfer: “It is the motivation. It is a priority that I have, the motivation to return the joy of Barcelona.”


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