Jesús Imaz: “In Poland they cheer you on even if you lose 0-4”

Jesús Imaz (Lleida, 1990) started 2021 as 2020 ended: being decisive for Jagiellonia. The Spanish midfielder scored and assisted in the victory (0-2) of the Bialystok team in the Lechia field. “I think I'm in my prime. I have scored eight goals and given four assists without being a center forward. I like to get to the area and finish, “Imaz specifies from a country where he arrived more than three years ago.” Kiko Ramírez called me to go to Wisla Krakow. He sent me videos of the fans and how they live football here and I had to think very little about it because, in addition, I was not playing as much as I wanted in Cádiz, “he recalls. The Catalan found himself with a squad full of Spaniards. Iván González, Víctor Pérez, Pol Llonch, Carlitos López … Everything was idyllic, but the economic instability of the club turned their first adventure abroad into a mess from which it was difficult to escape. “When I arrived they were already behind in payments and they never caught up. The president and the board did not do their job well. They told many lies and that led to the departure of many players. It was a shame because we had a great team. We would have done great things, “he says.

Jesús Imaz was the last Spanish footballer to leave Wisla Krakow. He did so in January 2019, after several months in which, out of pride, the 'White Star' club came to lead the Ekstraklasa despite living immersed in constant economic instability: “The situation brought us closer together. We were close friends, almost like family, and not getting paid made everyone much more committed to the team. We knew that if we didn't do it right, no other club was going to notice us. “Jesús Imaz scored six goals and gave four assists in the first half of the season, prompting Jagiellonia to pay for his transfer.” I also received one. Offer from Ferenváros and when I was on my way to Bialystok, they called me from MLS. But I had already given my word to the Jaga and came here. I went to death with my decision and my personal and football growth is being very great. I am in the ideal place to show everyone that I am a good footballer“reveals the Spaniard, who scored a hat-trick the first time he faced Wisla:” It was a special match because I met many friends again. I had to play as a forward and I scored three goals. The downside is that I couldn't celebrate it out of respect. It was weird”.

After 15 games played in the Polish First Division, Jagiellonia is sixth and five points behind the European positions, but Jesús Imaz believes that “we can be higher”. “We fit in a lot and that is a great handicap because we need to score a lot of goals to win. I think we have a team to be in Europe, although it doesn't give us to be champion”, analyzes the Spaniard, “delighted” to play in a country where “They cheer you on until the last minute even if you're losing 0-4”. Jesús Imaz is one of the top scorers and assistants of the Ekstraklasa, a success based on the training he received in Spain: “In a country like Poland, where football is more physical, knowing how to position yourself on the field and visualize how it can be The game is very important. In Spain, when you are little you already learn technique and tactics. Here, strength works more. ” At 30 years of age, the former from Lleida, Llagostera, UCAM or Cádiz is “very well” in Poland, and although returning to Spain does not cross his mind, it is not something he dares to rule out either: “It is not that he wants to return, yes or yes, but if the offer is good … Why not? Nor do I close the door to visit other countries, “says the top scorer in Spain from Ekstraklasa.