Since I know will confirm the return of Viera to Las Palmas at the dawn of the current league season, it was already known that both the 21 What Jesse Rodriguez were destined to become the ud leaders. His talent demanded it and the captain’s armband obliged them. Not that it was a matter of time either, because they quickly got to work. Before with Pepe Mel and now with Garcia Pepper, these two native residents of the charismatic neighborhood of La Feria, in the capital of Gran Canaria, are still at work.

Yesterday captained one more time to your team, excellent work of both awarded with the supreme happiness of football. If Viera manufactured and marked the clear penalty that he did Datkovic, Jesé took advantage a rude defensive failure of Cartagena to make it 0-2 from the front of the black and white area.

Photo of Jesse

This is how it was narrated third win for Las Palmas of the course away from home, third of 2022, and the second time that the two stars of the Gran Canarian squad drill the opposite net on the same day. Caprices of fate, or that they clearly had the measure taken for Luis Carrión’s team, the previous occasion it also took place before Cartagena itself. That October 3, with Pepe Mel, in front of the bench, Sports Union won 4-1 in a match whose scoring also opened Jonathan Vera, also from the penalty spot. On that occasion, Jesé saw fit to make it 3-0.

Photo by Jonathan Viera

Till the date, statistics also support, indisputably, the capital importance of both footballers in the game gear from Las Palmas, more than any of his teammates, whether it was with Mel’s usual 4-2-3-1 or with García Pimienta’s novel 4-3-3. Eight for Jesé and seven for Viera, between the two they have scored 15 of the 34 goals that his team has this course, almost a third of them. While, if the 10 has given six assists, the 21 contributes, for now, three.

Shield/Flag Las Palmas

With both still adjusting to their team’s new tactical setup, Escobar Jesé against Real B to a band, the left, that touched him yesterday Catar Viera, Rodríguez currently accumulates 1,939 minutes in 25 games, for the 1,286 in 16 games from your partner. Both take over, at the same time, the reins of Las Palmas. Bracelet, sensations, goals and statistics support them.