Jeremy Renner’s wish after the accident with the snowplow: “If I have to live attached to a machine, let me go”

Marvel star Jeremy Renner began 2023 with a very serious accident. He nearly bled to death while waiting for the emergency team to arrive. The actor was crushed by the snowplow in one of the big storms in Reno, Nevada, last January. It happened when he was trying to help one of his nephews. Renner, with 30 broken bones and lined with titanium, has reappeared this week before the North American media. He was walking with the help of a cane. An example of overcoming and fighting.

The big screen hero is a superhero in life. In an exclusive interview with ABC News (image below), he revealed how this whole process has been since he entered the ICU. He received the presenter walking with a walker. “I lost a lot of muscle and bone after this experience, but they replenished me, they filled me with love and titanium,” he recounted on television.

The 52-year-old actor described his accident “like driving with his foot out of the car.” And he pointed out, “That was my mistake and I paid for it.” In the interview on ABC he also confessed that he thought about his last wishes. He began typing “last words” to his family on his mobile. He put himself in the worst case scenario, “living with a tube”, connected “to a machine”. He then recognized that if he had to live with drugs and painkillers, he would have communicated to his family his desire: “Just let me go.”

Crushed by a 6,500 kilo machine

Renner, who now walks with the support of a cane, underwent several operations on his leg, where he was fitted with a titanium rod. His ribcage was reconstructed with metal, and plates and screws were placed in his face and jaw. He also had one of his eye sockets reconstructed. The accident occurred when he lost control of the heavy heavy machine he was driving to release the ice. A failure in the security system caused his leg to become trapped under the 14,300-pound (almost 6,500-kilogram) snowplow. It happened at his house on Lake Tahoe, in Nevada (USA).