Jeff Bezos (Amazon) launches his new yacht in Mallorca, valued at 500 million dollars

It’s called Koru and it’s a super yacht that this Wednesday has anchored in the bay of Palma. belongs to tycoon Jeff Bezosowner of Amazon, which bought it last April for 500 million dollars. It measures 127 meters, can accommodate 18 guests and 40 crew members.

It is the second largest sailboat in the world, only surpassed by the huge 143-meter Sailing Yacht A, owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. The interior of the Koru is a secret and only a few technical details have been provided for sailing lovers, such as the fact that Bezos has had a pool built on the deck, a luxury that the original did not have.

Your name is not a coincidence. Of Maori origin, it means new life, growth, strength and peace. His spiral shape represents perpetual motion and the return to the point of origin, precisely where Bezos is after leaving his position at the helm of Amazon after 27 years to become the company’s chief executive. He himself recently referred to the term on Instagram, highlighting the personal growth it symbolizes, as well as wishes for renewal and the importance of enjoying the moment.

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Bezos, who also owns Washington Posttook a turn in his life three years ago, when he ended his marriage with Mackenzie Scott, with whom he had spent the last quarter of his life and had his four children: three biological and one adopted in China. The tycoon fell madly in love with the Latino presenter Lauren Sanchez, who now works side by side with Bezos on Blue Origin, the all-female space expedition. She is also the vice president of the Bezos Earth Fund, a foundation endowed with 10,000 million dollars to fight climate change.