The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, assured that they are going to “get to work” to be “very much on top” of the radical groups to avoid episodes of violence in football like those of recent days, and for this reason he asked for collaboration to all the hobbies for something that “not only harms the club but also Spanish football”, while, on the other hand, he once again defended the agreement with CVC, about which he has been “very intoxicated”.

“We are going to get to work and we are going to be on top again like eight years ago. Violence does not appear in all the media, it does not appear before and after the games, it is not just what is thrown on the field. This weekend at Burgos-Leganés in LaLiga SmartBank there was a fight between ultra gangs that we didn’t like at all,” Tebas assured this Monday during his participation in a session at the Pedro Morata Radio School in Valencia.

The leader recalled that in 2014 they began to work to “eliminate this phenomenon” and to “control” radical groups that, he clarified, “are not hobbies.” “But the conduct of a group, no matter how minority it may be, not only harms its club, but also Spanish football,” he warned.

“It is something that worries us and we are going to have a meeting with the clubs to get back on top of these ultras groups because the Betis-Sevilla club came out of an area of ​​ultras fans and those from Burgos-Leganés are ultras groups. We ask the collaboration of all the hobbies because that silence hurts, but we are going to be very close so that it does not happen again”, he sentenced.

On the other hand, he referred to the agreement with CVC, making it clear that “the most important thing” is what the clubs and LaLiga are going to do “collectively” with the 2,000 million that they are going to have and that it will be used to “improve the infrastructures” of the teams, which “will allow further increase in income”.

“We are advancing 20 years of Spanish football because there is no one in the market who finances 20 years, it is a capital operation. Of the 38 clubs, with presidents of the level of Fernando Roig or Ángel Haro, all with their legal advice and their directors financial, they have supported the operation, it seems that we are the fools. He has become very intoxicated with this operation when it is unique and it will create more future in Spanish football”, he asserted.