Javi Martínez trains on the sidelines and his departure seems imminent

Javi Martínez's time at Bayern Munich seems to be coming to an end. The Spanish midfielder, who arrived in the Bavarian capital in 2012 and, since then, raised two orejonas with the German club, did not train with his teammates during most of Monday's session and everything points to his departure being at about to materialize. Faced with the enormous competition in the center of the Bavarian field, Javi Martínez would once again act as a substitute in what would be his last year of contract in Munich and the bosses do not want him to end up leaving for free in 2021. That is why the club is looking for him departure.

The destiny of the Navarrese also seems clear: Athletic. It was Javi Martínez himself who admitted negotiations with his former team in a talk with two of his colleagues, Thiago and Lucas, which was recorded and broadcast by mistake during the live session on the RRSS. In this talk, Javi Martínez even said that Athletic had offered him number 2 in case he returned to Lezama eight years later. Number that, at the moment, is not occupied in a Bilbao team that always made it clear that it would receive Javi with open arms.

Javi Martínez himself did not explain about it, but the Bayern bosses have long emphasized that they would not make it difficult for the player to leave. “We wouldn't put stones in his way because he was always a reliable footballer and a serious person,” said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge., general manager of the Allianz Arena cadre. “For this reason, we will always try to find a solution that is in accordance with the interests of the player.” The problem is, as always, more of an economic nature. Bayern is asking for around ten million euros, a figure that Athletic intends to lower anyway.