Jason Hehir
Jason Hehir

It is good to know that Jason Hehir and his team did an interview with 106 people in order to create “The Last Dance”. But as you know that Michael Jordan did cooperate so well with the team and Hehir, the documentary was a great creation. They did manage to masquerade the universe of sports from the 1990s while gathering anecdotes and insights from every athlete, media personality, and member of Jordan’s life.

There were surely a few names that were missing if you have seen the documentary “The Last Dance”. For more specific details, you can have a look at episode 10 of the documentary that mainly focuses on the finals. The episode includes the Bulls’ consecutive final matchups along with their victories over the Utah Jazz.

Hehir Didn’t Get Interviews Of Russell and Malone

Well, it will be somewhat surprising and shaking to all the fans and viewers if you will read what Jason Hehir has to say about it. When Jason Hehir was asked about Karl Malone declining the interview by Dan Patrick on “The Dan Patrick Show”. Then Hehir did reply positively saying, “Yes”. He also adds, “Believe me, we exhausted just about every avenue. We started in January 2018 with that one because we knew he was gonna be a tough sell.”

The team did manage to get John Stockton up and ready for the interview. Hehir did mention that the interviews were taking place on 10 March just three weeks before the announcement of the advance premiere for “The Last Dance”.

Jason Hehir also adds that the only interviewee that he can not get to sit down was Bryon Russell. Bryan Russell is the one who Michael Jordon hit the game-winning jumper in the 1988 finals. Episode 10 contains the back story of Michael Jordan and Bryon Russell. They are talking to each other during his first retirement which did not go well for him.


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