Leicester City forward, Jamie Vardy, became this Tuesday, June 15, one of the owners of the American team of Rochester Rhinos, which is based in New York and will return to the scene after 4 years of inactivity within the USL League One, which serves as the third category of soccer in the United States.

Through social networks, the New York team announced the 34-year-old historic striker from the Premier League team as part of the board of directors, to prepare their return to the courts, because although it is not yet revealed if they will participate in the next USL season, their return is expected to take place in 2022 with the creation of the new MLS reserve league.

The Rochester Rhinos are delighted to announce that Premier League star Jamie Vardy has become a co-owner of the club. The Leicester City forward has bought a minority stake and is excited at the prospect of being part of a journey that puts the Rhinos and Rochester back on the map after a four-year hiatus. go back to the fields.

The Rhinos were founded in 1996 to play in the now defunct American Professional Soccer League. and after multiple financial problems, they moved to the North American Soccer League, to later play in the United Soccer League, where they will add some titles.

The New York box has USL and League One titles to its name, while one of its main achievements dates back to 1999, when they achieved the U.S. Open Cup, beating none other than Colorado Rapids in the grand finale, to become the first team outside of MLS to win the tournament.


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