Less than an hour after the death of Isabel II last Thursday, September 8, Toni Cantó announced his departure from the Spanish Office of Isabel Diaz Ayuso. The fact that the whole world was aware of the death of the sovereign of England, caused the news of the multicolored politician to remain somewhat camouflaged in our country.

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“I have informed the President of my intention to start a new professional project shortly. I want to thank her and her entire team for allowing me to be part of her government. It has been an unforgettable experience that I will remember with pride,” the actor wrote at the time. 7 lives.

Since in June of last year he signed for the president of the Community of Madrid for this position, the role of Cantó at the head of this new office was quite questioned in networks and by the opposition. They have even described it as a “chiringuito”.

After the departure of the actor from Everything about my mother, James Rhodes has offered himself as the new director of the Spanish Office. This Tuesday, the British pianist based in Madrid wrote on Twitter: “I would love to be the next to occupy the Spanish Office in the community of Madrid. I will only charge my expenses. What a wonderful way to contribute something good to my city.”

In December 2020, a great stir was generated when Rhodes received, from the hands of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, Spanish nationality by Nature Charter, which is granted by Royal Decree due to exceptional circumstances. The composer, in addition to his impeccable musical career, is known for his leftist political ideals. His viral messages on Twitter do not go unnoticed.

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Toni Cantó, for his part, is now embarking on a new project after passing through UPyD, Ciudadanos and the Popular Party of Madrid. For his position in the Spanish Office, he received 75,000 euros per year from the Madrid coffers. Now, he has joined as creative director in the new television channel 7NN, related to Vox.