About 5:00 p.m., local time, James Rodríguez was unveiled at the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium as a new player for Qatar's Al Rayyan, team with him signed for 3 years after terminating his contract with Everton. The Colombian player will search the Qatari league for the minutes he did not have in the last half in England football.

James said that he decided on Qatar because it is a growing country, he believes that the future of football is there and he does not see that it is a setback to leave Europe. His only objective will be to compete at the highest level and win titles under the technical direction of Laurent Blanc. He also looks askance at the World Cup and the Colombia National Team.

Al Rayyan, his new professional challenge: “I am happy to be here, it is a new chapter for me. I hope I can do things well, it has been a long time since I could play much and here I am going to do it with the help of everyone, with the coach, and I hope to do things good. It has been very hard for me and this is good. I have thought about this for a couple of days and I want to thank everyone who was always there. “

Get titles: “We are making a big effort, I hope he can achieve things. I have not come to be calm, I have come to win. I told the coach that I want to win titles, I am a winning guy, wherever I am I want to win.”

The future is in Qatar: “The club has many fans in Qatar, I have chosen because they are growing for the future, they want to make this league grow and the future is here, next year is the World Cup, we hope that it can be there too and that Colombia can be there. , but hey, it is a country that is growing. I can grow with them in many things and that is why I also chose this league. “

What can you promise the fans ?: “To promise nothing, but what I want is to play good football, help the club and they are going to see good football, which is what I want to give”

His taste for Arab culture: “It is a culture that I like a lot, it is a football that is growing. They are doing good things and I can grow with them. The most important thing is that I am going to play, have rhythm, play football and I just want to be happy doing this. “.

The only thing that will be worth is winning: “I want to win everything that can be played, compete every three days, play. I just want to help the team so that it can play well, so that the fans can see good football. In the end, if you can't win, I think you're worth nothing. “.

When do you think you can debut ?: “I have not been training for many days, I would like to get a couple of days well, train well to be able to play, because if you are not 100% it is hard, all the players are very well prepared. I even want a few days to be able to train well and when he is ready to be able to play if the technician wants “.