Jacobo Ostos stands up to his brother Jaime: “He says so much nonsense… I don’t know what the hell they’re asking for now”

The little son of the missing person Jaime Ostos he is very angry. The inheritance of the bullfighter, who died on January 8, 2022 in Bogotá during a vacation with friends, has unleashed a family war that could end up in court. “I don’t know what the hell they’re asking for now, we’ve never given them any problems”he said angrily.

Jaime responded this Friday in And now Sonsoles to his brother’s accusations Jacob, who claims to have been left without personal memories of his father. According to his version, Maria Angeles Grajal He warned the brothers (the result of the bullfighter’s first marriage with Consuelo Alcalá) to go to the Madrid house before selling it and they found it completely empty: “My brothers came with a truck and took whatever they wanted”says Jaime. “In my house there have never been capes or suits, my father left everything in Seville because during the time he lived here in Madrid he was not active,” he clarified.

He also said that they will close the sale of said house next Monday and that there is nothing to share with the rest of the Ostos: “When there is an inheritance everyone wants to get it and they have seen that here they can’t get anything because this house has always been in my mother’s name from the first minute. She sold it and it is everything for her”he said bluntly.

His mother, for her part, is very hurt by this latest attack by the Ostos brothers. Jacobo has even publicly called her “harpy” and she has reacted forcefully in front of the cameras: “I’m not going to comment on anything here, I’ll do it at a police station”thus revealing that legal measures are being considered.