He has re-entered another Vilda list, it does not fail …

Each call is a prize, a gift, it is special. I am very happy to be here. I feel at home, and being surrounded by the best players is a privilege.

It is becoming more and more expensive to enter, with many young women knocking at the door of La Roja …

The level of recent years has risen a lot, it is very expensive to be in the calls.

Alexia said yesterday that those girls are better than her when she arrived 9 years ago. Do you agree?

I think the same, totally. It is amazing to see young people when they rise to the absolute, the level they show. That makes us demand more of ourselves and the team becomes more competitive. Between all of us we make ourselves better.

Why do you think that happens?

It is a set of everything, there is more consciousness. Now the players take more care of themselves, the physical preparation. We Spaniards have always had soccer inside us, the only thing that differentiated us from the European powers before was that physique. Every time we are equaling it more, we are there. Now we managed to beat them, because almost no team, if not any, plays like us. The physical chip has given us the plus to fight with the best.

Speaking of those routines, do you watch your diet a lot?

I really like the topic of nutrition, healthy food, taking care of myself… it is a fundamental part of a soccer player's career. As a professional we have to control all these issues. We are footballers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“The physical chip has given us the plus to fight with the best”


Are those habits broken at some point?

I always have a diet, you have a certain limit, without obsessions. I'll skip it one day. I basically eat carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables … At Christmas I follow the same routine, as soon as I notice something different in my stomach. There is no point skipping it.

Do you have something forbidden in that diet?

I like everything, but it is true that I avoid industrial pastries to the maximum, I do not eat anything. Highly refined products, with sugars … extremely forbidden.

“We are footballers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year”


Since when has it been done?

I have always taken care of myself, but in the Valencia of the early years I did not have that conception. At 12, 13, 14 or 16 years old, I did not have that education, it was a lack of information. Little by little they inform you. Now I love it and I spend hours reading about nutrition. Now from a very young age there are nutritionists and psychologists who help you in the clubs, it is something natural already.

New course with the European Championship on the horizon …

There is a lot of desire, a lot of hope. There are very few concentrations and you have to make the most of them. When we realize it we are already in summer at the gates of a Euro

“When the offer from Real Madrid came up, I didn't think twice. It's a winning club.”


Now they are in the middle of qualifying for the World Cup, you already know what it's like to be there …

Living a World Cup is amazing, it's the best. It is special and unique. I can't even explain it, it makes my hair stand on end. It's going to be a spectacular year, with the Euro and qualification for the World Cup

Did the Olympics follow? Was he envious?

Yes, of course, it is the next objective of this Spain after the European Championship and the World Cup.

There are many injuries occurring at the start of the season. Three Madrid players have been dropped from the list …

When there are injuries there can be several factors. Fatigue, or even something fortuitous. We have 4 matches in 2 weeks. In football there is that bad branch that are injuries.

“Now we are going last and we have to do self-criticism …”


How do you explain the evolution of your game from its beginnings to now?

I am not the same player as when I started, I keep learning and I will never stop. I am happy, both on and off the field.

At the age of 26, he had the opportunity to sign for Real Madrid …

It is a historic club, when it came to me I didn't think twice. It is a winning club and I want to win something at the club level. I came to Madrid with that intention, and with that of improving as a player and continuing to grow. Although being in Madrid does not mean that everything is done and you are going to win, but I did see more opportunity.

And first qualification for the Champions …

Very happy with the season, it was the first year and we did a great job. We achieved the objective of the Champions League. And we have made history by qualifying for the group stage. Now we are last and we have to do self-criticism. We have to tighten and improve.

Spain is in the top 10 in the world, Alexia is the best player in Europe, Barça… Are they going to be afraid of you in the Euro?

They will have respect for us. We have had very good years. We have a lot of potential. Ambition does not even need to be named. Having players like Alexia, the best in Europe, is amazing. He deserved it, like Paños, Jenni, Paredes… The group is incredible.