“It’s the first time it’s happened to me in 43 years”

The singer’s reappearance on stage this Thursday in Madrid was a real failure. The reason? Technical problems. That’s what he said Bertín Osborne by announcing the cancellation of his concert once it had started. “I’ve been on stage for 43 years and this is the first time this has happened to me”he said with a sense of humor.

The ranchera performer tried to put a good face on the bad weather but it was impossible for him to continue due to the lack of lighting on the stage and he did not hesitate when it came to clarifying responsibilities publicly: “I have a good friend, he is Angelito, who the poor “He’s going to have a heart attack at any moment. Just to say that it’s the first time he’s done a concert, I’ve already told him that it’s been noticeable, since it’s the first time, Ángel, and we’re friends, I don’t hold any grudges against you.” he counted. “You have to keep in mind that fourteen musicians play here, it is a professional setup, very beautiful, with smoke and lights, and there are only four light bulbs here.”

Very angry, Bertín assured: “I can’t do it because this is shit, These things happen, but I have my people here who are a team of engineers, but they have hired a team called Audio Sweet that you don’t have to hire,” he explained to the audience. “The owner of that company came at six in the afternoon on an electric bike and turned around. Angel, you have to tell him to put the bike up his ass.”he finished.

Bertín’s accusations have not fallen on deaf ears. This Friday, the person in charge of lighting responded very offended: “He speaks without knowing. They tell me that there were mistakes, but that the concert could have been done”, has said. “Yes, I’m going to put my bike up my ass, and he’s going to do other things, recognize his son and dedicate himself to his own thing.”

The truth is that the lack of light was not the only reason for the cancellation of the concert. According to TardeAR, Bertín had only sold a third of the planned tickets in a capacity for 3,000 people. Only 1000 attended, the majority paying 100 euros for a starter with dinner of ham, cheese, pork loin, nachos, wine… Some commentators, like Carmen Borrego, have commented that the price was excessive for what was offered and others have revealed that the public left the square very dissatisfied and amid protests. “Bertín’s audience is women and I think they have been affected by everything he has said these past few months. We women don’t like people talking in these terms,” ​​Terelu’s sister pointed out.