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“It will be a result that will give us joy,” says Raúl García

Gabby Barker



This Sunday's meeting will be special for Raul Garcia. His duel before one of his teams always acquires an emotional relevance for Navarre. However, much of his press conference gravitated around the result of Copa.

Optimism is installed in him and his feelings are very promising. “They are the same as when I finished the game. The result is what you have. A 1-0 at home is a very good result. The normal thing is that you are always involved in the game even if they score a goal. For me it is a very good result. I don't like to think if it would have been better because you can also think backwards. I am clear that I am happy, because it will be a result that will give us joy, ”he predicted.

The normal thing is that you are always involved in the game even if you score a goal

However, there may be some fear in the hobby. Among other things because Granada will want to make a hell of Los Cármenes. “It must be for them, not for us. We have to go there, play a good game, move it forward. Hell to me, it's something else. We have shown that we are a team that can beat them. The sensations were very good, but that will be difficult we all know. It's not done. Even if we had won by more goals it would have been to be one hundred percent, ”he added.

We are in the semifinals, I do not know how we will not be optimistic

And it is that Raúl García distills positivism. “It's that we are in the semifinals, I don't know how we're not going to be optimistic. When people talk to me and say 'what if you lose?' Already, but we are in the semifinals, the team has to be aware and it is, that it is a difficult game and I always invite everyone to enjoy these situations. They are not situations that are repeated every year, ”he said. [/ embed]

In this resolution of the tie, the role to be played by the rojiblanco will be decisive. The experience is a degree. “I always take my responsibility in important matches and in everyday life too. I don't feel a difference between playing the semifinal or the final. You can see the pressure from outside, but the only thing I try is for people to think that it is one more day, ”he began by saying a reflection with crumb.

I don't feel a difference between playing the semifinal or the final. The pressure from outside is noticeable, but the only thing I try is for people to think it's another day

“Getting that is the most complicated and at the same time what will make you play well and be as you have to be. I understand that people had that nervousness, that they have doubts about what might happen, but when you have been in this for so many years, you realize what moments are important because they don't look so much. Reaching a Cup semifinal is a beautiful opportunity and possibly there are going to be many people on the team that may not have another one like this. You never know, I hope I'm wrong and have one every year, but they are times when you have to try to enjoy that responsibility, ”he said.

The clash against Granada still has its embers for the goal canceled Cap. In this sense, Raul Garcia He made a significant contribution. “I always pay attention to the reactions of the play itself. The goalkeeper does not make any threat to complain, to say that it has hindered him, and that already marks a lot, ”he said.

“But the referee has considered it appropriate that this rule has to be there and has been out of play, but I look closely at the reactions of the players and talk a lot about how it has to be,” he added.

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