Luis Enrique he attended to the microphones of Teledeporte after Spain certified the pass to Qatar World Cup 2022 after winning Sweden.

Satisfied: “One of the happiest. The players have had faith. It is an excellent group. I have great memories of all those who have been coming. This belongs to everyone. We are already in the next World Cup. I have lifted a great weight from my shoulders “.

Pressure: “I have felt more pressure in these games than in the European. We have tried to work a lot on the psychological aspect and on the positive. Today the players have been very good. In the second they have left us more space and we have generated to win the game” .

Morata: “He is very versatile and always helps. RDT could help us in the first phase of the game by putting pressure on defense. We played a very complete game. In the end we dedicated a lap of honor to the public. We are one of the teams to be among the teams. top”.

Talk to the players: “Today I told the players that we were closing a cycle. We have felt the support that fills the player. Seville is always a special place. It would have been very ugly if we conceded a goal at the end. Álvaro deserves it. player who can endorse the criticism more and celebrate this victory. “

critics: “As soon as we lose a match, the ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ will return. We have delivered on the field of play. The National Team takes it. Seeing how we have competed at the World Cup, we are going to get there well. The future is hopeful.”

Gavis and Busquets: “I have 40 or 50 players. It’s difficult to get in. Continuity is going well. We have a mix of veterans like Busquets, Koke or Jordi Alba and young people like Gavi who at 17 was born to play football.”

The Spanish coach spent minutes later for a press conference.

They have celebrated the ranking almost like a title …

-It has been like winning a title for us, something impressive in a magnificent stadium and with a sensational crowd that has helped us from minute one. For the first time we have noticed unconditional support from minute one, with total communion with the people. It was very nice. With qualifying, a great weight was lifted off my shoulders, because it was something that seemed to have to be achieved out of obligation and it is not that easy.

What would you be thinking if Spain had to go to the playoffs?

-Fortunately we are not going to the play-off, and if I put myself in the opposite case, I would think that our possible rivals in that play-off would not like to play against Spain. But since we have been the best team in the group, we have qualified. The important thing is that Spain has its style, always looking for the opposite goal. I said we weren’t going to settle for a draw and we haven’t. It’s the best of the team. The players that I bring are to have the ball in the opposite field, to squeeze, to go on the attack. If we play what we know we are superior, and that is what will lead us to do something in the World Cup. We have to sow on that and then reap.

Do you have a team base for the World Cup?

-In each call we have had casualties, but we have been covering them with other players who can play with the National Team. The day they all get well, the same thing gives me a heart attack to make the list. But it is clear that there are 40 players who could be in the World Cup.

What hope do you have now that we are classified?

-We are going to reach the World Cup with a young team with great enthusiasm, and I think we can be among the best. Along with them, the youngest, we will have other veterans, such as Busquets or Jordi Alba. I am especially happy for Gavi, who has played on his land and has given a recital. He was born to play soccer. He is 17 years old and has many years of career left, of a magnificent career. The kid has crashed a great game. As for Dani Olmo, he is very important for Spain. Regarding Morata, I am happy that the last goal, the one that qualifies us, was his.

What are you especially proud of?

-I am very proud of the players, of all those who have participated in the qualifying phase and not only of those who have been in Seville. Today we have closed a cycle after going through many difficulties.

Are you already thinking about the renovation, would you like to continue in this project?

-The project continues because I committed myself to the World Cup. The commitment goes beyond the contract. If we are among the best in the World Cup, the future will tell. I want to enjoy this classification, which has been tough.

Is what you have done valued enough?

“Honestly, I’ve never complained about anything.” I am privileged because I am the coach of Spain and I would swear that I have never complained about a lack of support, but it is evident that there have been phases in which we have not had it, but to complain I have not complained. Now we feel supported because this depends on the results.

He said that when we lose, ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ will return, what do you mean?

-I mean the reality of professional football. We depend on the results. I accept that there is salsa or dancing stuck. Whatever I touch, I adapt.