“It was all a lie, they brought us here irregularly”

Is called Leslie and is one of the students who received a scholarship to train in the musical Nacho Cano, Malinche. She was also the one who filed the lawsuit against the composer and musical director for the conditions under which she and her colleagues came to Spain: “They brought us here in illegal conditions. We entered as tourists with the intention of staying between 10 and 12 months.”he said on Wednesday, one day after the arrest and press conference of the former member of Mecano.

The young woman has assured in TardeAR having suffered discrimination and lived in deplorable conditions in Madrid: “We had one refrigerator for 18 people. The stay was very complicated”. He denies Nacho Cano’s version, who said that he was a very conflictive person who was ‘invited’ to return to his country after several confrontations: “That’s not true. I was fired because of personal problems with one of the people in charge, not because I was in conflict.” And adds: “It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I came with my heart set on it and high expectations, eager to work and learn, but it was all a lie.”

“The police are the criminals”

Leslie’s words come just one day after Nacho Cano’s arrest. Barely two hours after his release, he called a mass press conference at the IFEMA in Madrid to defend himself. Accompanied by his two lawyers and the 16 scholarship students from his show, he said: “The criminal is not me, it’s the police. If they find me dead in a ditch, they already know who did it.”

She claims that the scholarship training program was supported by the Casa de México in Madrid and that “everything is transparent.” In fact, the students present said that they felt very well treated and that everything was false. What’s more, all of them have filed lawsuits (17) against the police who interrogated them after Leslie’s complaint: “It was absolutely inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible, coercive and intimidating treatment on the part of the police,” she said. “The police acted in a targeted manner, they went after me to find me a problem and take it out of context and that is very dangerous, we are living in a country that is not what it used to be.”

The artist spoke of a plot against him and stated bluntly: “My opinion is that attention should be diverted from the investigation into Pedro Sánchez’s wife and since I am a friend of Ayuso and I am not a communist, because I am not an idiot, because I have traveled a lot and have met many Cubans, Venezuelans… then they are going after me, because this is excessive.”