“It is always nice to debut with a victory, but it could not be”

“Happy to debut, but it is always nice to debut with a victory and it could not be.” What could have been a full party was left a bittersweet feeling for Jon Morcillo. The kid's premiere was at times outstanding, but the tyranny of the scoreboard embittered an experience that could have been more happy. “Very, very happy, a shame to debut without people, without my family and loved ones being able to see me, but surely they have supported me from home,” he added.

If we got to put in Williams, maybe it would have changed everything a little

In this way, the youth squad spoke in statements to the Bilbao club, in which he analyzed a disappointing match. “In the first part we have done quite a few occasions. We were able to score a goal and get ahead, but then in the second they took us a center with which they had hardly endangered us and with that center they have put us and hurt us a lot. Then came the second in a row and then the whole game paddling against the current ”, he explained.

Morcillo put the accent on an instant of the meeting that could have reversed the development of events. “We have done everything possible, we have made the five changes and we have gone with everything, we have placed the center, we have had chances. If we got to put Williams', maybe everything would have changed a bit, but it hit the stick and it couldn't be, “he lamented.