The morning of July 26 to 27, 2019 A pleasant memory match took place for the rojiblanca family. They measured the eternal rival at the International Champions Cup, a tournament that is several years old and that it is celebrated in summer in different parts of the world. It welcomes the most important clubs on the continent, among which there is usually no shortage of the greats of our football, in addition to other prominent ones, such as Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal or Inter.

Real Madrid and Atlético faced each other at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford (USA). It was the third game for Real Madrid after losing 3-1 to Bayern Munich and winning Arsenal on penalties after drawing two in regulation time. For the rojiblancos it was the second match of the tournament after the victory harvested against Chivas in the penalties lottery after finishing 0-0 during the 90 minutes. So, neither of them came with good feelings to the derby.

Athletic Shield / Flag

But soon it began to be seen that it could be a special night for those of Simeone. When not even a minute had passed (specifically at 43 seconds), Diego Costa put his people ahead, in what seemed like one more sign that Madridistas have a hard time getting into games well. When the targets had not yet recovered from the blow, in 7 ’came the second mattress, the work of the brand new athletic signing, João Félix. Madrid continued without reacting and the athletic avalanche continued to overflow Zidane's pupils. Correa in the 18 ' (who had supplied the injured Morata in 12 '), the account increased and Costa again, in 27 ’and 44’, they had a scandalous result (0-5) in the first half. The Hispanic-Brazilian wore a hat trick before the break.

On the way back from the locker room, Zidane made several changes with the aim of altering the dynamics of his own, but it was clear that it was not the day of the meringues. They were barely five minutes into the second half when Costa again scored a goal, which was the fourth in his account, a poker that reminded him of his glory days of yesteryear. The Madridistas were overcome by a team that took the game as if it were a final and not a preseason match. Nacho managed to open the Madrid account in 58 'but soon after Vitolo delivered another fatal blow with 1-7 in 69 '. In addition, as in any confrontation between both teams, the match was not without tension and, as a result of the result, Carvajal and Diego Costa had a rifirrafe that led to the expulsion of both in 64 '. The Lagarto striker showed his best and worst face in the duel against Madrid. It was not until the final minutes when the two remaining goals of the whites arrived (Benzema in 84 ’and Javi Hernández in 88’) who made up the result somewhat, leaving it in a historical 3-7.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

This is the greatest victory achieved by either team in a derby, beating 6-2 in favor of Real Madrid in the final of the Copa Federación Centro on June 17, 1923. For his part, the most massive triumph of the mattresses until then was a 3-6 in Chamartín on match day 10 of the League 1950-51, trained by Helenio Herrera.


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