“It doesn’t matter if Carlo and I are together now and not tomorrow”

Almost a week after announcing her pregnancy, Alejandra Rubio He gave his first interview this Tuesday. She has done it in This is lifethe program where she denied for months that she was expecting a baby (despite the fact that in Informalia We say that in March she went to buy several pregnancy tests). “I’m very good, very happy,” she said, ensuring that, at 24 years old, she is not “that young.” “People are giving me lessons that I don’t understand. I’ve been living alone since I was 18, I’ve looked after things on my own and I’m very independent. I have the means to take care of a child and I have a job,” she said.

The magazine’s collaborator has been with her boyfriend, Carlo Costanzia, for five months and is three months pregnant. There are those who consider that her decision to be a mother is hasty (even her father, Alejandro Rubio, let it slip to the press), but both she and the actor feel very excited. He has even acknowledged that he hopes to be the father of a girl: “He wants a girl, but because he has seven brothers and he has been with them a lot, he has seen them grow.”

According to the influencer, the duration of their courtship is not a problem. “The thing about time is something that has been discussed a lot. It’s true that we’ve had little, but I don’t see it as an impediment, as something bad.”, he said, and added: “What difference does it make, we are going to have a child, whether we are together now or not tomorrow. That doesn’t matter.” However, she has admitted that “everything has been crazy” since the pregnancy test came back positive.

Upon returning from vacation – when Hello published the media interview – the future parents were taking refuge in Ibiza – the young woman caught up with the reactions and, to her surprise, they were harsher than she thought: “I caught up more when I arrived in Madrid but, honestly, worse what I expected.” “I’m a little naive and I think that people are not going to act so evil. There have been comments that were very out of place and that should be off television. “I’m ashamed for them,” she said.

The reaction of Terelu Campos and Mar Flores

In this sense, María Teresa Campos’ granddaughter has reacted differently when talking about her parents’ position. Thus, while she has refused to talk about Alejandro Rubio because “he is a private person,” He has delved into the attitude of Terelu Campos: “When I told her we were having dinner, talking heatedly, and then I said: ‘This is mine'”. He told me: ‘I understand why you’re behaving like that,'” she said.

According to Carmen Borrego’s niece, people “have invented many things”. The reality, according to her, is otherwise: “When my mother found out, I discovered a part of her that I didn’t know. I didn’t expect her to take it like that, so normal. She hasn’t made a single complaint or comment. You’ve made a mess of yourself.” all of them… I’m very lucky with her.” Regarding the reaction of Sea FlowersCarlo’s mother, has been brief: “If she does not want to speak out publicly, it is her decision; she has already done so privately and the reaction was good, very good. “I’m not going to tell you what he told me, otherwise I would have told you already.”

He denies having received 85,000 euros

The young woman acknowledges that she was paid for giving the exclusive of her pregnancy on a cover, but denies that she pocketed 85,000 euros, as Alessandro Lequio reported. “We have not received that money. These are figures that are not even close…”, he highlighted. “I’m not going to live on exclusives, I’ve already said that,” she stressed, clarifying that this time he made an exception because he wanted to break the news “in a nice way.”