As in the case of Messi, saving the distance, it seems difficult to think that Isco has taken the step of publicly revealing his intention to leave Madrid without having something tied in advance with another team … but that's the way it is. The malagueño international He spoke with Madrid to facilitate his departure without having any offer and without the white club, officially, having transferred any offer from another team to him. Isco's decision to leave is based exclusively on the desire to revitalize his career, since he understands that with Zidane it is difficult to have the necessary minutes to shine and return to the National Team and that, due to his age (28), he is in the best of his career.

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Last summer, AS has learned, there was no offer for Isco at Real Madrid either. At least, the club, knowing that Isco did not want to move, did not transfer them to the player's father, also Francisco, who acts as a representative. The Iscos have taken this step aware that the figure of the footballer is a candy for the main teams in Europe. There are some who showed a firm interest in the past, such as Manchester City and Juventus, which are clear possibilities, and others who also did, such as Bayern, which now seem more complicated destinations because of the vertical football they play.

Isco has no preferences, he reveals to AS his surroundings, as for the league in which he can end up playing. England, Germany and Italy are all good options, even Spanish LaLiga. “When the offers arrive, they will be considered and evaluated,” they tell us. The only caveat that Isco will put is that he likes the sports project, that he preferably plays the Champions League and that, as is logical, they equal at least the salary he receives in Madrid. There are already many leading teams in Europe counting … Madrid wants more than 50 million for the transfer (he has a contract until 2022). The player He keeps all the doors open, including staying at Madrid if nothing convinces him and, who knows, starting a new stage in white without Zidane on the bench in the summer.


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