Isco is very hurt by everything that has been said about him in recent weeks. The man from Malaga knows that he is not going through his best moment, that there is a huge margin of improvement in his performance (no goals or assists yet this season), but at the same time he thinks that some attacks have been unfair.

So he sees these two weeks as a turning point in his season. He is working almost alone with Zidane (The French had only four from the first team this week). That has allowed him to show the coach his desire to reverse this situation.

His goal is to vindicate himself, but analyzing his situation more globally, he also considers that he is facing a key moment in his sports career. In 2017 he renewed his contract with Real Madrid until 2022, so he has this season and the next. He will finish this course at the age of 29, at a time of maturity, and the club does not want a player like the Malaga player (valued at 30 million euros, according to Transfermarkt) enter your last year of contract.

Therefore, next summer seems key: renovation or sale. They are the two scenarios that they handle in the white offices and Isco knows that everything depends on him. He has the full confidence of Zidane, who gives him time and time again opportunities to rejoin the team. That circumstance motivates him, because he knows that if the coach sees him well, he will give him many minutes.

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His case, by comparison, is different from what James experienced last season. The Colombian faced the course with the hope of convincing Zidane, but he ended up discouraged because there were sections in which he was well and had no opportunities. That will not happen to Isco, who knows that it is up to him to win the minutes.

In the past it has already reversed adverse situations. Without going any further, last year, when it also seemed that he had been relegated to a secondary role but Zidane surprised him by giving him the title in a key match against PSG in the Champions League. There he won the place again, making a great Spanish Super Cup later.

The man from Malaga considers that this is the way forward and these two weeks he is squeezing them to regain his best moment of form. It's two weeks without games, without trips. Because one of the things that he argues is that with matches every three days in which he is barely having a leading role, it is difficult to get the point of form. Many games (with few minutes for him) and few training sessions. That is why now, after this break, Isco hopes to definitively fly back to give Zidane back the trust he has always placed in him.


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