The Belgian was cold with the Italian coach

Ancelotti y Hazard

Ancelotti y Hazard

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Isco y Hazard They were the main protagonists of Real Madrid’s comeback in Elche that gave the white team the pass to the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. Isco scored the goal that tied the tie, while Hazard scored the Whites’ pass to the Cup quarters.

The two players were congratulated by all their teammates and also by Ancelotti who did not hesitate to say that they won the match. The Real Madrid coach himself wanted to personalize the victory for them by posting photos of his greeting to both of them after the match was over.

In those photos that Ancelotti posted on his Twitter account, you can see the great difference in the reaction of Isco y Hazard to the coach’s greeting. While Isco cracks a smile and complicity with Ancelotti is seen, Hazard looks at the coach coldly and with a very serious gesture. All this, without looking at Ancelotti. A sign that the Belgian does not seem to be very happy.

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