Alexander Isaac It is decisive since he signed for Real. Victory against Sturm Graz rescued the most voracious version of the forward. The same that comes out with parsimony at the beginning of the seasons, but the one that distinguishes him in the moments that the Real needs him the most. When is the time to win.

He was one of the best in Austria and the goal that gave Real victory made Isaac to rise again as a player of weight in the team. The exercise was born hinting at the flash that the forward was being more noticeable with his team -two capital goals- than in Real -a target in seven games-. On Graz appeared as the author of a momentous goal.

La Real has in the goals of Isaac a secret kept as an amulet. Practically every time the Nordic scores, the result is a victory. Or at least a draw. The real he has only lost three of the 28 games in which Isaac has seen the door in the two previous seasons plus the current one. The 25 times remaining they have resulted in an objectively positive result; 19 wins and 6 draws, for an 89% cause-effect relationship. A talisman.

A frequent gunner

Isaac scored his 97th game with Real against Sturm Graz, equaling those of Gica Craioveanu, charismatic Romanian who played for Real between 1995 and 1998. In less than a rooster crows, it will become a centenary. The date aims to be marked, since if he plays in the coming appointments, the Scandinavian will be able to blow out 100 candles in the Real in the derby against him Athletic Sunday 31.

The forward scored on Graz its goal number 35 in the Real. It was the second to sign in Europe. His influence in the League is more significant, with 26 goals in 77 games. In the Royal he casts assiduously. At the rate of one in 2.77, the Swede celebrates a goal every less than three games.

The goal in the League is delayed

Two muscle injuries have affected the initial bars of Isaac this course. It may be one of the reasons that your League locker is still empty. The two goals he has scored in Europe exceed the mark he had at this point in each of his two campaigns at Real, but he had never delayed so long in the domestic exercise.

October 23, Isaac it had already premiered in the Leagues in both 2019 and 2020. Both goals to the Spanish and Huesca they premiered their work, not like now. The visit to Atlético de Madrid is a highlight that can bring a big premiere of Isaac, the amulet of the Royal. The champion is one of the outstanding victims of the star of Solna.