Isabel Preysler tightens her belt and fires several domestic employees

“It is not going through its most buoyant moment.” This is how people close to the queen of hearts speak, who has fired several Villameona employees to readjust their expenses in the coming months. The wedding of Tamara Falco and a decrease in his income from advertising work would have forced him to Isabella Preysler to tighten the belt.

According to Marisa Martín Blázquez, the figure of Preysler is no longer so present in signatures and photocalls, a circumstance that she has not chosen: “Before, her main source of income was the brands of which she was the image. This does not mean that now He is not winning with that, but he has not been able to reinvent himself. He has failed, they offered him a renewal with social networks and it has turned out fatally”.

This is how they also justify Preysler’s surprising decision to sign with Disney to make a reality in true Kardashian style. “Isabel Preysler’s first project for a streaming service in Spain has started. Our protagonist opens the doors of her house to show us how she prepares for the most special time of the year,” the company announced last week. “It’s not that she’s stiff, but she accepted this project to have a breather,” Marisa pointed out. “Before accepting, she asked her children for permission, because she knows that it will affect them in some way. But they were delighted.”

With this television incursion, Preysler will be able to clean up his accounts, which have suffered some extra expenses in recent months: the dresses for Tamara’s wedding, the Buchinger and the gift to the bride and groom, among other things.