Tamara Falco she turns 41 in a few weeks, and yet the subconscious media imaginary considers her a child, as evidenced by the fact that in more than one piece of information regarding the daughter of Carlos Falco they refer to her as “the young lady”.

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It is not that, almost completed the first quarter of the 21st century, a person who exceeds his first four decades cannot be considered “young”, but it is infrequent that contemporaries and contemporaries of the Marchioness are labeled that way.

The forty-year-old Tamara, because there are no longer forty-somethings or forty-somethings, counts on her attitude of apparent ingenuity to rejuvenate herself, her tone of voice, her vocabulary based on the expression “that is” as the culmination of a discourse that turns public speeches into parodies of herself. The result is that Tamara Falcó is, more than young, childish.

Tamara Falcó, the smartass of the class

However, reality tells us that she is not a fool. She has known how to take advantage of her privileged status, her miscegenation between aristocrat and princess of hearts, after prolonged vital and religious hesitations. In the influencer career, she should study tamarafalconism as a core subject, in addition to isabelpreyslerism, of course.

The brand Isabel Preysler is unrepeatable but at 71 splendid years, the girlfriend of Mario Vargas Llosa she can be proud of having given birth to Tamara despite the fact that there are people who believe that this “young woman” besides being the archetypal dickhead is an idiot. Those who have crossed the slippery mental epidermis of the daughter of the Marquis of Griñón know that she is nothing of an idiot, although listening to her express herself with the naked eye can lead to misunderstandings.

Assuming that Tamara Falcó is not only smart (as well as a skilled businesswoman), it is worth insisting that as an adult woman she understands perfectly what has just happened to her kissing fiancé, now repentant and begging for mercy, with his tail between his legs.

Inigo Onieva He is so posh that when he was sent to Italy to work after his expensive master’s degree, he took assistants and other services with him. A supposed car designer engineer, thanks to the fabulous contacts of his family, the handsome thirty-year-old has become what he has come to call “entrepreneur of the night” thanks to the economic power that comes with Tamara’s fiancé. The practicing Catholic marchioness says that she has a pact with her boyfriend: “I go to the disco and he comes to mass.” But Onieva is not a person of great sacrifices. At his age, with dozens of beautiful admirers offering him their affection, the temptation is of such caliber in quantity and quality that next to him Álvaro Muñoz Escassi could go through San Casto.

But this Sunday he has had to sacrifice his dignity to try to save his commitment to Tamara. In the released statement assumes that he lied and has accepted his girlfriend’s imposition: dragging his pretty ass through the thicket and doing it publicly before all of Spain: “I apologize for not being honest and I apologize to Tamara and her family,” writes the boy, black on white, accepting to humiliate himself and tell the truth (or part of the truth) after having blamed the press for what happened and having said just a few hours ago that the video of the snogging with another woman was from three years ago.

Isabel Preysler, engineer of love, mother and counselor

But how did we get to this? The situation was untenable for Tamara in the face of the roundness of the evidence that showed that the kiss on the mouth of Íñigo to a Brazilian model happened three weeks ago.

After the shock, the disgust, the anger and swallowing the frog of appearing as a presumed national cuckold (with permission from the Queen Sofia and the infant Christina) in public and before the press, with a contorted face, he went to his mother’s house and told her that he loved Íñigo, but that he wanted to die and that at the same time he hated him for what he had done to him. Preysler, in his castle at Puerta de Hierro, first asked for calm. Then he insisted to her daughter that she should cancel the engagement, which Tamara did at least on Instagram, erasing the photo with a stroke of the pen and some texts that, given the circumstances, made her look ridiculous. But later, mother Isabel Preysler, after verifying that her daughter is in love to the point of duffle coats, advised Tamara to demand public forgiveness from Íñigo, in addition to making her daughter promise that it would be the last time she would spend a a Mister Kiss. “Let him crawl,” they tell us that she told him.

Tamara Falcó did not have to insist much to her boyfriend, who agreed to go under the table football. Although, apparently, there have been several versions of the statement, supervised and authorized not only by Tamara but also by Isabel Preysler, the hand that rocks the wedding that will arrive in June if the Marchioness of Griñón accepts the pardon and the kisser is able to stay still a few months Another thing is that in the next few days more evidence of the conduct of the “dishonest” Onieva will appear, be it in the form of images or testimonies of furtive affection. We are looking forward to reading what Vargas Llosa publishes next.

Iñigo Onieva’s statement

“In the videos broadcast I appear in an unacceptable attitude, for which I am absolutely sorry and devastated for it. I apologize for not being honest and I apologize to Tamara and her family publicly. I am completely in love with Tamara and she is the woman of my life, so it hurts me tremendously to have harmed her. To avoid further harm to Tamara and our families, I ask that you stop spreading images that may affect our right to privacy, and refrain from publishing information that is affecting our privacy,” writes the businessman.

In the statement, Onieva, in addition to recognizing himself as a liar and begging for forgiveness, asks that the images stop. Will he be afraid or have a bad conscience for other acts that are not yet known?