It doesn’t leave one when it’s already in another. Isabel Pantoja, after touring the stages on the other side of the pond in February, started his new tour this weekend in La Cartuja, although there are signs that he will not receive a single cent in his account for this show. The reason? The singer’s debts Sailor of Lights with the Treasury, which remain unresolved.

Antonio Rossi announced this Wednesday on Telecinco: “The Tax Agency is seeking to seize his income and it is likely that his concert in Seville will no longer collect it.” The journalist has also assured that the rest of his tour could be in danger. It must be remembered that on December 30 he has a concert scheduled at the Palau Sant Jordi, on December 30 another in Barcelona, ​​on January 13 at the Bilbao Arena Miribilla and on April 13 at the Wizink Center in Madrid.

The singer has returned to the stage for her 50 years of music. A round figure that she celebrates on the most important stages in the country. This weekend she gathered 6,000 faithful followers in La Cartuja, although in 2017 she managed to gather 12,000 people in the same venue.

And since in the life of the artist nothing is easy, coinciding with her return to the stage she has received other darts from her son, Kiko Rivera. Con One Pantoja The oven for buns is not there either, since the young woman is getting married on October 13 with Asraf Beno and everything seems to indicate that he will not attend his daughter’s wedding. Neither of them attended her concert in the capital of Seville. Yeah Anabel Pantojathe person who never lets go of his hand.