Isabel Pantoja, on the path of bitterness: the 135,000 euros for which Kantora Copas can lose

The economic debts bring down the street of bitterness to Isabel Pantoja. To his debt with the Treasury, his lawsuits with a Sevillian businessman and his legal proceedings with loli the newsstandthe debt that it maintains with the Fuengirola town hall is also added.

The debt amounts to 135,000 euros and, because of it, he can lose even his restaurant, which opened its doors in 2001 as a restaurant and bar and has gone through better times, others worse, until it finally closed a few years ago after having it for rent. . Ten minutes publishes this Wednesday that the city council of the city of Malaga requests the extinction of the concession that was given to it in March 1999 after three years of non-payment.

Despite the fact that the establishment has been closed for years, in February of this year Isabel was very upset when some squatters attacked and destroyed the place that she was so fond of in her day. She received the news on the other side of the pond, because at that time she was on tour in the United States.

The establishment is owned by her company and she could still get a return on it, although if the town hall finally gets its way after these last few years of non-payment, Isabel will have no choice but to hand over the key to heal the debt. However, the concession of the premises aspires in March 2024, when the 25 years that she requested of exploitation will be fulfilled.

This news comes in the middle of the preparations for his daughter’s wedding, One Pantojawhich will say “yes, I want” to Asraf Beno next September. With her daughter, she has been smoothing out rough edges in recent years, despite the fact that the depression that the folkloric drags and the problems with Kiko have not helped at all.