Isabel Pantoja, is she speaking? with the sex of the baby Anabel Pantoja is expecting: “she’s going to kill me!”

Anabel Pantoja He shone this Saturday night at his concert in Illescas (Toledo). In the middle of the show, the tonadillera, as usual, invited the stage to Anabel Pantoja to dance the choreography they have created with Garlochi. This time, it seems that the interpreter of Sailor of Lights her nerves betrayed her, since she hinted that the baby Anabel is expecting with her boyfriend David Rodriguez it’s a boy.

And now I’m going to ask for a moment! Is going to kill me! Is going to kill me! But I want my Ana to come! Please! That applause for my Ana and for my future great-nephew!“said Isabel in the middle of the concert. Immediately afterwards, after these statements, where she specified that her future grandson could be a boy, the singer pointed out that it could also be a girl: “Or grandniece“, corrected Julián Muñoz’s ex.

After finishing their concert, the mother of Kiko Rivera and Isa Pantoja, who arrived at the hotel in the company of her brother Agustín and a friend, did not clarify whether the baby Anabel is expecting is a boy or simply her words at the concert were the result of the confusion of the live.

Isabel Pantoja repeats look

For her show in Illescas, Isabel Pantoja repeated her style, as she wore the same dress that she wore on April 13 for her concert in Madrid. The piece that the singer wore stands out for its diamonds, its abundant feathers, as well as its transparencies in the neckline area.