Isabel Pantoja cancels her concert in Valladolid due to health problems… and that’s the fifth time

Bad news for the artist’s fans who were going to enjoy her voice and her power this Saturday in Valladolid. The artist has announced that the performance is canceled due to “health problems” and has issued a statement apologizing for the inconvenience caused. This is the fifth concert that has been suspended. Isabel Pantoja within their anniversary tour, a fact that is beginning to worry the various people responsible for it.

“With great regret, we announce the cancellation for medical reasons of Isabel Pantoja’s upcoming performance at the Valladolid Bullring,” the singer and her team explained in the message they shared on social media. They assure that the decision to cancel has been made “following medical advice and with the aim of ensuring Isabel’s well-being” and they “deeply appreciate the support and understanding of the followers, as well as the dedication and effort of all those involved in organizing the event.”

The last sentence of the text has drawn special attention and set off alarm bells: “We thank you in advance for your understanding and support towards Isabel Pantoja in this difficult time”It is no secret that the artist is suffering from health problems that she is treating in a clinic in Córdoba (the same one where her friend Mariló de la Rubia works) but the extent of these is unknown. It seemed, when announcing her big tour, that she was ready to face the challenge but nothing could be further from the truth: “She ended up exhausted in Illescas and has reasons to take this break. She needs a break and perhaps they have closed too many concerts for the intensity she handles on stage”they have said in TardeAR.

In principle, the concert in Valladolid will not be rescheduled, but the ticket money will be refunded, although the performance in Huelva on July 12 remains on the agenda.